Sell more shoes.

It's not just another gait analysis app, it's the ultimate sales and marketing tool for retail stores.

With ClearGait you'll get customer insight that online retailers only dream about.

ClearGait is free to use for as long as you want and includes all in-app features.

Know what your customers are buying, even if they DON'T buy from you today.

ClearGait is a system to turn gait analysis into a recurring marketing opportunity. Online retailers can't beat your in-store experience, but now you can beat them at their marketing game by bringing an Amazon-style marketing process to your store.


ClearGait uses the built-in camera of your iPad for gait analysis


Runner info is stored so you can contact groups of customers


ClearGait users report 3 out of 5 runners buying shoes that day


ClearGait is the only running app made for retail stores


We bring runner insight and experience to the sales floor process


ClearGait is designed for the iPad with retail running specialists in mind

Get ClearGait for iPad

ClearGait works best with an iPad Air 2 and can record at 120 frames per second, but is compatible with any iPad 2 or newer.

Brooks uses ClearGait

Brooks Sports is using ClearGait in 23 countries.

Gait Analysis is a Gateway

We think of video gait analysis as a way to sell shoes today by educating a runner on what they need. ClearGait is more than that, it's a tool to also sell shoes to that same runner in 6 months because you'll know when they've worn out their shoes and how to contact them.

We’re on a mission to give you tools in your store that help you sell more running gear.

ClearGait is free to use for as long as you want and includes all in-app features.